My To-Do List

I've been working on my to do list for this week and thought I'd share:

Buy wood
Cut out some frames in advance
Ship 3 frames
decorate more boxes for my Wish Necklaces
Try my new recipe for Salt Scrub
Make homemade Seed Paper (that will really grow flowers!)
Check out the tadpole progress in the pond in the woods with Munchkin #3
Call my friends and try to set up lunch for Friday
Clean my house/do laundry
Make dino cookies for Munchkin #3's preschool snack day
Try to learn the hard ass kick boxing routine for this month so I don't look like fool
Shop for a formal dress for an event next month
Buy a non-fiction book for Munchkin #1 that is interesting and 40 pages long.
Make it to 3 sports practices for t-ball, baseball, and football
Pay attention to dear Hubby

1 comment:

  1. thats quite a list. At least you have FUN stuff on your list. My lists are usually "laundry. cleaning. blood work. picking up dog pooh" boring stuff like that.

    I would love to see how you make seed paper. I think it is so cool!


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