I am...

I found this survey on Whimsy Girl's blog and couldn't resist filling out the list for myself.

I am: a mom
I think: it’s time to get off the computer
I know: my boys love me
I have: three sons!
I wish: my family lived closer
I hate: second hand smoke, cleaning the house, orange veggies
I miss: my boys when they were babies
I fear: drowning, I can’t even watch a movie about a ship sinking!
I hear: Sponge Bob…always Sponge Bob
I smell: Tide, since I’m doing laundry…always doing laundry
I crave: cake
I search: for inspiration
I wonder: who is reading this
I regret: that I never had a daughter
I love: roller coasters!
I ache: after kick boxing
I am not: a great housekeeper
I believe: that every thing happens for a reason
I dance: “like no one is watching” that’s the only way to live!
I sing: most of the day, in the car, in the house, in kick boxing…
I cry: easily
I fight: for anyone that is being taken advantage of
I win: contests a lot, I’m very lucky
I lose: everything, because (as my husband says) I “never put things back where they belong”
I never: want to look back and wonder “what if”
I always: have music playing
I confuse: my kids names all the time, I usually have to try at least twice to get it right
I listen: to my kids play together, I sneak up!
I can usually be found: painting, on my computer, driving from one sport to the next
I am scared: when my husband is away over night
I need: a cleaning lady, but I can’t trust anyone in my house
I am happy about: my life, my business, my kids, my family
I imagine: what it would be like living at the beach


  1. Great survey-and great answers! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love those survey things!!!!....I always wonder if I'd answer it the same if I did it a week, a month a year later......and I always love to see what my friends have to say...


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