Halloween Candy for the Troops

Here are my boys dividing up their Halloween candy last night. They are dividing it into fours, one bowl for each of them and boxes for the troops. Did you know you can donate all that extra candy to our soldiers?

In my town, there are collections at the municipal building or at school. I have also been reading about area dentists collecting candy for the troops. Google your area to see where you can send all these treats for the hard working men and women who will appreciate something sweet from home. The very mention of soldiers in need will cause my children to dig into their own allowances if need be - all kids have a soft spot for G. I. Joe...use it to your advantage!!!


  1. Another thing that you may want to send to the troops is baby-wipes. They really come in handy out there. ;)
    We try to send wipes and phone cards when we can. Thank God most of them have internet access though. It helps a lot.
    Give them a hug for me! I miss them! They are getting SO big!
    I would post more pictures of Ray and Halloween, but my camera pooped out and I can't get the pictures off!
    I'm not happy. :(

  2. Yeah...I have to do that soon!!!....I can't stop picking at it after they go to bed.....in previous years we do it right away....I have to hurry!!!!


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