Is This Indian Summer?

What to do on a 69 degree November day? Time for some Autumn bouncing on the trampoline. I challenge you to bounce on a tramp without smiling and laughing. It is impossible to bounce around on that thing and not giggle!

Helper Munchkin and I showed off some of our "moves" maybe for the last time this year before it snows again!

Check it out and try not to smile!


  1. OMG it rarely happens to me with a stranger...but i cried a lot! when i read your note, about your son´s 10 b-day. I loved your blog, i´ll be following you, I am a mom of a 2 and a half year old baby... i can only imagine how that´d be, my mother in law is mother of 3 boys also, so someday you´ll have a daughter in law like me. Best regards, from Chihuahua, Mexico.


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