My Snowflake Display is Here!

My kids have been known to make hundreds of paper snowflakes in a season, and truthfully, they are one of my favorite things to make, too! I could sit at the table with them and cut snowflakes for hours! But what to do with these delicate, lacy wonders? Last season, a moment of inspiration struck me while watching the movie Elf. My kids looked at his over-the-top snowflake, paper chain display in the department store and let out a collective "oooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" and I had my solution.

We decided to duplicate the glowing mass of snowflakes in our house and I later used it to decorate for the Polar Express Party. I took some photos last night as we decorated the doorway between the kitchen and family room. This will, literally, cost you less than $5 to create yourself and it's just magical enough for the kids to really appreciate.

I have white woodwork, so I doubled white lights and strung them across the doorway with tacks. Haphazard is best, kind of up and down.

Next, to give it some dimension, tack up a paper chain. It will give it depth yet still have the same glow at the snowflakes.

Attach your snowflakes, some to the chain, some to the light strings, some to the woodwork. I found some snowflake shaped paper doilies to add a bit of blue this year. You could also just cut some flakes from light blue paper.

I went to the dollar store (my favorite place!) and picked up some glittery snowflakes, plastic icicles, and "snow ball" ornaments and hung them from clear thread at various heights. Check out the "glow" when we turned off the lights!

You can see the same idea at work here at our ski condo. This "winter tree" doesn't have to come down after Christmas, and was made from a branch anchored in a flower pot of bricks and stones.

Make some of the flakes from bright origami papers as I did here to kick it up.


  1. Great, great, great, GREAT, idea! Raymond is a snowflake maker too, and you can only tack so many to the door and fridge before it starts to look like a mess! He saw this and asked if I can do this around his bed! He has a 4 poster bed, and thinks it would be fun. I have to agree!!!

    Thanks! Miss ya!

  2. Wow that is awesome. Bet it looks better in real life.

  3. Wow...My kids need to take snowflake cutting lessons from your kids. My snowflakes end up clunky and square.

  4. I love this! What a great idea! We often hang snowflakes from the ceiling all over the living room but I LOVE this idea so much more! I also love the snowflake tree by just using a branch. Need to go get a branch now. Thanks :)


  5. What a beautiful idea! I absolutely love this! You are just so creative - kudos to you! I saw the link to this post on Yahoo group 'Christmas to the Max'! Leslie Anne

  6. I like this idea! I have been trying to find more kinds of snowflakes(:


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