Unbelievable but True

I come from a small town and every time I go home to visit, I love to read the "Police Beat" in the local newspaper. It cracks me up to read about the person who is being harassed via text messages, who got caught peeing on the sidewalk, or who lost their cat up a tree.

In the more urban areas,you have to shoot someone to get mentioned in the paper!

Well, my husband knows my love for the ridiculous and sent me this forward. Enjoy!


  1. lolol some of the crazy things that happen... thanks for posting them up got me cracking up and I need a good laugh! =D

  2. OMG! I love stuff like this! My favorite was the one about finding crack in the man's buttocks. Heehee! :D

  3. I always love when Jay Leno does these on his show too!

  4. That is just funny stuff. I really like your frames. Have you considered selling them on etsy??

  5. Thanks so much!! These were great. I can't believe that silly duck refused medical treatment.

  6. Those were hysterical! But poor Diane K. Merchant!

  7. That is HILARIOIUS!!!! The burrito really got me!

  8. I really needed a laugh & these really did it for me!!!

    Poor "prostitute girl"!!!! LOL

    Pat B.


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