Soul Sisters Coffee Break

Our monthly get-togethers have gotten off track, what with the winter weather and dealing with three different school districts' schedules. But, I think we're back at it for now and planning future excursions.

Joy hosted and put out a great spread of goodies and the ever-present coffee. She tried to keep us on track since this was to be a "tech" meeting covering several topics, including ebay tips and how to change up your blog background.

We were doing fine until Marzipan walked in with these killer cupcakes for each of us

My photo of the unveiling of the cupcakes isn't great, but it accurately conveys the general commotion at the time. Screams and giggles all around.

Then Treat Girl passed around the cutest red measuring tapes covered in hearts and then all bets were off. There was lots of squealing and sewing at that point.

Why sewing, you ask? Because my offering was a handmade purse organizer for my girls...however, my sewing machine's tension was off. This was creating great tension in me and causing great strings of curse words to erupt from my mouth. So, rather than corrupt Helper Munchkin further, I brought them as a "kit" that everyone had to finish on their own. Do you want to know how to make one??? Better check back on Monday. I'll be skiing, but I've got it all scheduled for you.

There was more sewing, ironing, eating, and laughing. We even got the kids in on the act and they chose the winner of my blog giveaway.
Finally, we did get to the intended topics and tried to get Meg on board the Ebay train and changed up Joy and Treat Girl's blogs a bit. You can do it too, it's so easy! Just check out Aqua Poppy. She can even make you a banner that matches for a reasonable price.


  1. Sounds like so much fun...and the cakes...well...little works of art...

  2. I'm still dreaming of those cupcakes...and have truly been loving my purse organizer!!!! As I always say.....it doesn't take much!! Thanks again, miss for all of your help!

  3. that has to be one of the BEST coffee breaks I've had the pleasure of cyber crashing in ages ... can't wait to see the purse organizer tutorial. Have a blast skiing!


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