This Could Explain So Much...

I think, to really know someone, you need to know where they came from. Let's take a walk in my shoes through the formative years.

I am proud to say that I owe my level-headedness, firm grasp on reality, style, taste in men, and groove to these television shows...

What?!? You watched 'em and you loved 'em! I wish I could just say I only heard of these shows, but I watched them all religiously. I think we should all get some sort of credit for growing up with this and still turning out okay.


  1. Captain Kangaroo was my absolute favorite and I was a huge NKOTB fan!

    I tried to post a comment at 12:30 last night on your last post telling you it was time for bed but I was having trouble. Now I see you posted this at 4? I sure hope you weren't up all night! Maybe you scheduled these posts????

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. LOVED Captain Kangaroo. Bugaloos or Bungaloos and Degrassi High don't sound familiar, but I loved the other shows. Thanks for giving me the name "HR Puffinstuff". I've remembered some of the creatures, but I couldn't remember what the show was that I loved as a little kid, but now you've given me back its identity.

    But what about Land of the Lost? Oooooh. Now THAT was a favorite, sleezestacks and all!

  4. I watched Captain Kangaroo, but probably a generation before you! And I love Alf ~ occasionally he comes to mind when empting my dryer lint tray :)


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