A Day in the Life

This is a very typical conversation in my house, and actually took place this week. Come, be a fly on the wall and experience my daily struggle:

Helper Munchkin: Momma, where are we gonna put Pipa when she dies? (that's our dog, she's only 3 years old)

Jennifer Juniper: Well, she's only a puppy and she isn't going to die for a long time.

H.M.: Yeah, but where are we gonna put her? How long, when I'm 60? Wait, how old is Daddy? Is he gonna die first?

J.J.: Um, I don't think you need to worry about it yet, but probably down in the woods someplace.

H.M.: We need to spend all day to dig a big hole and then use the wood from your frames to make a box, because it isn't right to put the dirt right on her. How old will I be when she dies? When do I get to see someone who dies? Can I see Grammy if she dies? (are all 6 year olds as obsessed with death???)

J.J. : Let's just say it will be a really long time, you don't need to worry.

H.M. : Well, I'm not staying home with a babysitter if Grammy dies!

He freaks me out!!! He has been obsessed with death for about a year, along with running out of gas on the highway and having enough money to pay for groceries. Such big worries for such a little guy. He has a whole timeline for our expiration, the fish, then Pipa, then Daddy, Mommy, and brothers with him last since he's the youngest. My little planner.



  1. what a cute puppy! At least HM verbalizes his concerns and aren't you glad you can be there to reassure him! THose are times I'm glad to be a stay-at-homer!

  2. Cute Cute!

    My (now 19 yr old) son freaked when we let him watch firefighters "practicing" on an old house. Boy was that a mistake, the boy was obsessed with the house burning down for years to come.

    I love reading your blog. The "bubes" story was hilarious.

  3. I just happened upon your blog when blog surfing and I have to say, your conversation with your son sounds exactly like what me and my 6-year old son talk about on a daily basis. We finally told him we die when we are 100 years old. He still talks about it but not it is more along the lines of "I have 94 more years until I die." I guess that did not help much.

    I was so happy to read your blog because I have been struggling with the fact that my 6-year-old worries so much. Now at least I am not alone in my struggle. : ) I think it just shows they have big hearts!

  4. Awwwwww...what a cute puppy! Maybe when your son grows up he'll be an emergency rescue person...he seems ready to plan for the worst case senarios.

  5. My kids went through that too. When my oldest was 5/6, and my littlest was 4 they both began to worry about death. I think it's normal. I figure it stems from them being very attached to the things they love, and then trying to come to terms with the concept that those things won't always be there. Heavy stuff for little guys! I think it's totally normal though!

  6. yep, I'm pretty sure it's normal and comes and goes, too. :)

  7. Yeah, this was a very interesting post. I guess I would lean towards what the other seemed to be saying - that this is normal at this age and similar to when children become obsessed about other topics.

    My daughter is four years old and her obsession right now is getting married (who will she marry, when will she marry, can she marry me (always makes a dad feel good) and what kind of ring she will get). I guess that's a similar example.

    But I think the death one is tough. I like the answer one reader gave - tell the child they won't die until they're 100. Very creative!

    I'll be curious to see what other readers say, but I think you handled it as best you could.

    I loved the "RIP" doggie picture too.


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