Fun Lunch Friday

Like Ebony and Ivory, this pair of Octopi cradle the goldfish in their care. What do you think?

I'm sure you've figured it out, but it's really a hotdog and a mozzerella cheesestick standing in for the octopus couple and the goldfish are played by themselves. Carve little faces in the head of each octopus and your little one will be fascinated.

Hey, it worked for mine and this one's not easily impressed.


  1. My son loves the hot dog octopus!

    If you haven't already checked this site out, I think you'd love it. She makes the most creative kids foods!


  2. lolol that's so cute! Hmm I really should try that on my lil 8 year old brother. Sigh.. he's as skinny as... me! =D


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