A Spring Bouquet; Ribbon Flowers - Two Ways (plus a button flower thrown in for good measure)

Is spring taking it's own sweet time in your neck of the woods? Well, it is here. I crave color and life; I want to see green grass and flowers! On this sunny 27 degree day in Pittsburgh, I have to settle for some crafty flowers instead. Do you have any ribbon or buttons lying around? Okay, let's get to work.


Floral wire
Floral tape
Glue gun

Martha taught me this first style of flower. You can use any width of ribbon, just vary the number of ribbons used to adjust for thicker or thinner ribbon.

Here I'm using a thin ribbon, so I cut 8 pieces, 6 inches long. Arrange the ribbons as shown with the centers overlapping. Put a small stitch or two through the center to hold them in place.

Now, take the free ends and bring them into the center, like this, and secure with another stitch or two to hold them in place.

Secure a button or two to the center either with a stitch or hot glue.

Bend the floral wire in half and slide it under the stitches on the back of the flower to form a stem.

Wrap the wire with floral tape to finish (**note to self, apply hand cream before photographing next tutorial)

The next style of ribbon flower uses a thicker ribbon. I used 1 inch grosgrain, but any style of ribbon will do. You can see in the bouquet I also used a 2 inch sheer ribbon and it worked out just as well.

Sew a basting stitch along the edge of the ribbon, like this:

When you pull on the thread, the ribbon naturally gathers to form a flower. See?

Thread a piece of floral wire through the holes in the button(s) and slide it through the center of the ribbon "flower". You can dot some hot glue onto the back of the button to secure it to the ribbon.

Wrap the wire with floral tape, as before.

Bonus Button Flower Tutorial:

Stack your extra buttons in interesting combinations and thread them onto the extra floral wire for a button flower to accent your ribbon flower bouquet. Wrap the wire with floral tape as described previously.

Place your bouquet on the nearest shelf, sip some lemonade, and dream of spring...


  1. Very cute and colorful. I'm ready for spring too.

  2. Oh how cheerful! I want to make a bunch of these to brighten up my dreary craft room. COME ON SPRING!!! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

  3. these are sooooooo WONDERFUL! thank you, thank you for the tutorial!

  4. How fantastic!! I love them...I am SO ready for Spring!! :)

  5. OK, Joy is right. Even I will admit that your creativity is endles. I enjoyed the cabin fever project.

    On another note, I remember reading it before and seeing it today reminded me that you were in Pittsburgh. I grew up in Moon Township and my parents currently reside in Peters Township. Small world.

    Anyway, have a great day!

  6. this is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Small world, constant complainer!!! Thank you for stopping by :)

  8. I love these! Great instructions! May I add a tip--heat seal the ends of the grosgrain (pass it through a flame) to keep it from ever raveling.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Suzanne, I did do that and forgot to mention it! Thanks for reminding me :)


  10. Super cute!!! Now I've got a project for all my bits of ribbon. Though this also means I've got a reason to hoarde even more ribbon and buttons.

    I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

  11. Hello!-- I'd like to contact you about featuring your tutorial but I can't find your email address. Could you email me? Thanks so much!


  12. Love it, so inspiring... i think i'll try to make it too... :) thanks for the tutorial

  13. Love it, so inspiring... i think i'll try to make it too... :) thanks for the tutorial

  14. Super cute! I think I'm going to use the flowers to make hair clips and headbands for all the little girls in my life :) Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Thank you again for the inspiration! My ribbon flowers are finally complete:


  16. Thanks - I needed a flower made with narrow ribbons (as I have yards and yards I didn't use for my wedding ... 7 years ago) and I found yours! So cute. Off to find my buttons!

  17. Hello! I found your tutorial.
    I would like to translate it into Russian and post it in my site. I will mention you and your site (let me know which one).
    Is it possible? What will be your condition?
    My site is www.tatianka.ru

  18. Delia,

    I would love for you to translate and link! What a fun idea!

    Jennifer Juniper

  19. wow it`s beautiful...thanks for your tutorial!!!

  20. Hello! I found your blog and i am interested! I love love flowers and would like to know more on how to design bouquets!

  21. fantastic! thx for sharing : )

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  23. That tutorial was great! Thanks! I just finished making my own and linked to your blog for the tutorial! I hope that is alright. Let me know if you want me to change it!

  24. Those are so beautiful and colourful. I love your creation!

  25. These are so cute!!!!!! Love them! And they look easy too! Hooray:) I'll be making some of these to put in a vase with some spring m&m's. Maybe it will make the m&m's last longer. ;)

  26. Gracias por compartir el tutorial de las flores.

  27. Ooo!! love this! :) I'm on a bit of a flower frenzy - mostly fabric ones... so loved finding one to use some of my ribbons!

    I linked to your tutorial on:

    Thanks! :)

  28. Hi could I post this tutorial on my blog? Please let me know thanks!

  29. I love all of the flowers, FYI- I like Martha too!
    but back to the flowers. for some reason I have been in my studio makin flowers out of paper, fabric etc and loving it. When I make a card its nice to have a flower to add for dimension.

  30. Love your flowers, theres more than one way to make SPRING come faster.
    I have been on a frenzy of flower making this spring... its so darn fun! cant stop, but have a variety to use on my cards.
    your very creative!

  31. I have been looking everywhere for a simple, cute homemade flower! I am so glad I found yours!! I'm going to make these and attach them to a ribbon belt to wear to my mom's wedding! Thank you so much for making it so simple and adorable! :)

  32. Love them all, but especially the ribbon one. These would make great hair accessories.

  33. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thoughts and your craft work done by you... Excellent..!!

  34. Your a amazing artist. I wish I had the talent to make something like that. My hands aren't very stable sadly. I don't have good dexterity.

  35. I love this. I made one out of a thin, pink ribbon, put a button in the middle and rhinestoned it with a few pink and blue rhinestones. Then I put it on a little clip. It's a birthday gift for a friend's daughter. I'm sure she'll love it. :D

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