Sunday Funny

While skiing a few weeks ago, we were riding the chair lift to the top of the mountain when we spotted some snow "art" below. Someone had stomped a huge penis in the snow. As we rode over it, people were leaning over to look and point. We were trying to distract our kids from noticing.

But, sure enough they wanted to see what everyone was laughing at and got an aerial view of the artwork firsthand. My 7 year old son pointed and shouted, "Look! It's a chef's hat!" to which his brothers replied, "Yeah, cool! A chef's hat!" On the second or third trip up the lift, my 10 year old said "You know, that looks a little like a..." but was silenced by the evil mother eye.

Now, I didn't get a picture of this particular scene, but found a similar one on Google (of course I did). It looked a lot like this:

See? A chef's hat!


  1. That is so, SO funny! I had to read this to my husband once I stopped laughing. Stomped into the snow under the lift...priceless. Chef's hat-LOL!


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