Pillow Forts

I hired a baby sitter on Friday night and asked her to come a half hour early while I showered and got dressed. The combined efforts of three boys is astounding (and a little scary). Look what they were able to do when they worked together for that 1/2 hour...

Every pillow, blanket, sheet, and towel in my house was in my family room, and the fort stretched from the fireplace to the entryway. I couldn't even get it all in one picture.

And look at them, they are just sitting there watching TV like nothing! Which means they had been long finished with the project and were already bored with it! Were they really able to construct this in 25 minutes or less?!? I've decided to never get on their bad side.

Are you a kid? Want some great advice about getting out of sticky situations like cleaning up this mess? Check out TheLittleCriminal.

In Hope Studios news, I'm almost ready to reveal a new frame design in my shop, very soon...you could click my flickr to try to catch a sneak peak. Hint: can you say larger photo???


  1. that is a hilarious picture!

    i don't think they're bored...
    just distracted.
    they'll be under those tents all day! (Geez - i would be!)

    cut to: me, looking around this cubicle, estimating number of blankets to make this place rock!

    i'll scope yer Etsy tonight!

  2. Oh, boys! They're lucky to have eachother to entertain...even though that could be a recipe for disaster one day! (look out!)

    And, um...helloooo!!! I love the new frame!

  3. Haha, my kids do the same thing! Except they never play in them. It's like a hunt and gather with blankeys and pillows.

  4. Oh yeah! Some of my best memories are of forts created using sheets/blankets and clothespins and chairs/tables, whatever was on hand. And a fort in my bedroom? My bedroom was so small that one sheet covered the whole room. One big tent!

  5. I loved when my kids made forts in the living room..I knew it would keep the busy most of the day! "Watch out for sharks" " It's hot lava!!" Thanks for the memory!

  6. that's great! it reminds me of when i was younger and we would play barbies and by the time we got her house set up and the clothes on, we didn't feel like playing!

  7. Girlie!!!!!!! They are YOUR boys!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is so cute! Stopping by from SITS to leave some hump day love!

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  10. bahaha ... boys are such a hoot!

  11. LOL...i have four boys...they used to make tents with thier blankets to sleep in.
    Great blog..
    thanks for you kind comments on my special day


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