Tutorial Tuesday - Ruffled Tank

193/365 My Tuxedo Tank, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

I purchased two ribbed tanks (from the dollar bins at Target $2.50 each) and used one to cut out a loose wave pattern, each one a bit longer and wider than the last. This can be done free hand. Double your fabric because you will need two of each length. Leave one side straight, cutting along the ribs as a guide:

Beginning from the center, butt the matching longest ruffles against each other (straight sides together), and pin. Zigzag stitch the two together with one seam. (Warning: there will be much swearing as you inevitably sew the front to the back at some point during this process. Just sayin'.)

I liked mine butted right up against the neck seam at the top.

Now, you can lift each side of the center ruffle and pin and stitch the remaining two ruffles into place, each under the last, on each side:

When the shirt is upright, the wavy fabric pieces fall into a mass of ruffles:

I use it as a bathing suit cover up. It's so cute!

Any fabric that doesn't fray would work for this project, just think of covering the entire front of a tee with fluttery ruffles! Have fun!


  1. Very cute!

    :o) Wishing you a fantastically wonderful Tuesday!

  2. WOW! Now, if I could only sew :( I can do fine with needle and thread, but I've never tried a sewing machine. I've even thought about taking classes... I'm a size 1-3 with chicken legs, so I have the hardest time with clothes, especially dresses and slacks--they always have to be fix (and I have to pay to get it done). I think that today's economy mandates sewing classes, don't you think?

    I'm stopping by from SITS to leave you some comment love!

  3. That came out very cute! And I'm all about anything that can make my teeny boobs look bigger, lol.

  4. Popping over from SITS...

    What an awesome idea! I've not always been a fan of ruffles, but this looks both cute and edgy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So pretty! Oh my gosh, uncomplicated too! You're so creative! Love it!
    Wow, that was a lot of segmented sentences!
    Have a great day!

  6. Great idea!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I had a fabulous time reading all my comments!!

  7. that's adorable! I don't know as I would have success with a sewing machine, but it's worth a try. Esecially for $5. Off to check Target!

  8. Love this! Adding it to my list of stuff to make with my girls!!

  9. you lost me at zigzag ... but! at least I get to see what it would be like. :)

  10. OMG-You are so unbelievably talented! I absolutely adore your blog! I became a follower so I can check it out in more depth when I get home from work!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! You commented on the book I'm reading, "The Hour I First Believed" I've really enjoyed the other two books Wally Lamb wrote, and it's nice to hear this one is a good one as well!

    We SITS have to stick together!
    Thanks again!

  11. Love it! What a great idea. And your "about me" could be me...stay at home mom of three boys...but sadly, I can't sew. Glad I found your blog!

  12. Loving your blog! I linked to this post today from mine. Such a cool end product you made!

  13. Thanks you for this... I just bought a tank just like that for 20 bucks.. Now I could save the 15 for some more tanks....

  14. I love the ruffled tank top very much. Thanks for the tutorial...I'm going to make one for myself!


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