Thanksgiving Wrap-up

Well, I'm tying up my Thanksgiving loose ends before I begin my Christmas blogging schedule. Here are a few highlights of the day.

I wore my new macaroni necklace (a gift from the munchkin) and an apron most of the day. It occurred to me at one point when I passed a mirror, that this is the quintessential snapshot of motherhood. (In fact, I'm linking this photo to Chatting in the Sky for favorite holiday photos from this year)

I forgot to take a picture of my bird last year before the men tore into it. This year, I was sure to capture all the golden 22 pound glory of it:

I go back and forth about my table settings. I love my wedding china, but it's such a pain to hand wash. I end up using it about every other year.

This year I used it AND put it in the dishwasher. It looks fine! I wonder what I was so worried about? Here is our table set for dinner. Simple white table settings, some candles, and scattered leaves:

Finally, I know some people do all sorts of imaginative things with their Thanksgiving leftovers, but in our family we just like to repeat the meal. We only get some of these dishes once a year, so why not enjoy it twice?

I buy an extra aluminum pan (a regular 9x13 pan works, too) and make little compartments with foil. I stick it in the fridge until the weekend. Sprinkle 1/2 cup of water over the top and reheat at 400 degrees for about 1/2 hour then dig in...again!

I will kick off my Christmas posts tomorrow with a look at my Christmas Mantle. I tweaked last year's mantle a bit, so come on back for a look and a tutorial!



  1. That's quite a bird and you must be quite the cook! That's a great idea for reheating the leftovers. And your table looks lovely.


  2. Your thanksgiving looks like it was wonderful! I really love that you captured the apron/macaroni necklace combo. Those are the kinds of neat things that we will remember years from now, Not whether or not the day was perfect.


    P.S. I'm totally not ready to ride the Christmas train yet. I'm trying. I'm just not feeling it.

  3. I'm with you...I enjoy the leftovers just as they are. Beautiful turkey.

  4. OMG!! The leftover idea is BRILLIANT!!!!! I make up separate plates for everyone and microwave them one at a time....then we never eat together....I'm always last!

  5. You sure are right about the apron being the quintessential mommy uniform -- I wore mine just about all day on Thanksgiving...and I put it on every night to do the dishes, too. I finally splurged on a cute one last year -- we moms wear an apron too often to not look good in it (well, as good as one can look in an apron). I like yours, too!

  6. oh... you are so right. that macaroni necklace paired with the apron speaks Mom... right to my heart.

  7. What a gorgeous tablescape. I can't wait until the dude is making me gifts. He did tell me I was pretty the other day. High praise from a 1 month old!


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