Weekend Recap - Soul Sisters Power ... Activate!

I had a fantastic time away with my girls this weekend! It was relax-y, shoppy, giggly, yummy, and crafty...the perfect combination. I have so much to share with you this week! You're coming along, you know, as an honorary Soul Sister. So pull up your big girl panties, we're going on a weekend get-away all week!

Let's begin at the beginning. This was my ski condo last winter when we first bought it. I don't have any good photos, but you can see that it is bland white with a strange lighting apparatus on the ceiling.

The Big Guy and I spent the summer and about $300 to transform it in to a cozy lodge like this:

Some warm Behr "Cabin Red" on one wall, plaid flannel and burlap curtains, new art work, a touch of nature, and we've got ourselves a cozy little cabin condo! I'll share some of the decorating ideas next week, but this week is about the sisters.

Aside from a little break, it was a double birthday celebration for our own Marzipan and Girl in the Sticks. Here they are walking up after their long drive (yes, that is indeed snow):

We decorated the hallway since we had the entire building to ourselves:

And here we are posing for our traditional group shot:

We saved the classy decorations for inside. See the cool "Happy Birthday" banner I made from scrap fabrics and paper letters?

Okay, this is all for now, but coming up I'll share all the details from our fun weekend and plenty of tutorials. Do you want to join in? Okay, go grab about a yard of a nice jersey at JoAnn's (there is a sale right now!), matching thread, and a spool of elastic thread (it's in the elastic aisle, not the thread aisle) and meet me back here tomorrow...You won't regret it!


  1. Love the condo and how fun!! Can't wait to see it all!

  2. It's fun being an honorary soul sister and coming along for the fun. The condo is neat...I can't even believe your re-do for $300! Okay, yea I can believe it. You're one of those talented ladies who can make cake out of bread and all that sort of creative stuff! I'll be following all the fun...can't wait!


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  4. I love the Soul Sisters tradition that you all have going. What a fantastic way to be able to get away and be with your girls!
    Love the fireplace wall too, btw. Can't wait until tomorrow.


  5. The condo looks like a CABIN now. LOVE it! And can't wait to see what you created!

  6. I'm still glowing....thank you so much again for your fabulous hospitality!!!

  7. I'm still smiling...it was so much fun!!!


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