Ornament Wreath - Tutorial Tuesday

I know this wreath is all over the blog-o-sphere, but I needed a tutorial for today and this rocks...so, you're going to see it again! Nah!

This project is brought to you by my pretend super crafty boyfriend who could help me pick out clothes inspiring fellow blogger, Eddie Ross. (you know, the one I cheat on Martha with?)

This project is easy as pie, so let's get started.


Lots of Christmas ornament balls (big, small, medium, tiny, mix it up!)
Hot glue gun
Wire hanger

I went to the dollar store and picked up most of the ornaments, some are glass and some are plastic. Some are as tiny as a grape! I liked mixing up all the sizes, because I found that they nestled in and filled in all the gaps. I'm going to say, I spent about $12-$15 total and used somewhere between 80-100.

See? Ordinary wire hanger:

Now use your super-human strength to form it into a circle and untwist near the hanging part so you have an open end. (do you like all the technical terms I throw around, like, "hanging part?" Thought so.)

Here is my assortment of ornaments. This is the tedious part - hot glue the tops onto each ornament so it won't pop off the hanger and break all over your kitchen floor. (Yeah, I skipped this part and I'm still finding slivers of glass. This part really sucks, but it's recommended...I didn't do it and probably will never do it. I'm just trying to be a responsible tutorializer here. Like my made up word?)

Let's take a little break at this point and click on the picture and look for a distorted Juniper reflected in the balls trying to get a photo for you! (Thank goodness I didn't photograph these while naked!)

Now, simply slide the loop of the ball onto the hanger, one by one. You will see them fall into place, just mess around a little. If you see a big gap, just try to slide on a small ball or tiny ball, they will begin to fill in all around the hanger.

Now, come on, that's dang cute! You can coordinate the colors with your decor, you can add a ribbon, you could add different shapes...the possibilities are endless!

Now, I'm not dumb enough to think this is something new to you. This ornament wreath thing is a MOVEMENT! Soooo, go ahead, let me have 'em! Link up your ornament wreaths below and don't forget my big Christmas Ornament Linky Party is still scheduled for Thursday!


  1. That is SO COOL! No, I haven't seen it yet and YES, I could maybe somehow achieve this crafty project without killing myself or someone around me. It's practically idiot-proof. :)

  2. I linked up! I love your wreath! The colors are perfect! Some days I like my wreath, some days I don't. haha I'm sure you know how that goes. I need to tweak mine a little but haven't gotten around to it.

  3. I linked up mine too. I didn't use my super human strength and the hanger wasn't as round as it should have been....I can still tell.

    I'm a new follower- hi.

  4. I don't know if this is a Firefox thing, But I came to see your {Fabulous} wreath and my wreath info was already in Mr Linky. Eeerie right? Like, it KNEW. I didn't have to copy and paste a thing. Weird.

    Anyways, I hate to tell you this, but Eddie is my boyfriend too. I'll learn to share if you do.

    <3 Loves.

  5. GORGEOUS!! Quick, easy, and inexpensive with big impact. Check, check, check, and check! Love it!


  6. I am linked up! I can't believe how that wreath has taken over but I love it. I have to say thank you for the snowflake directions! I probably shouldn't admit this but we still can't figure out the fold! I usually am a pretty crafty person who can follow directions but I must have folding issues. My 8 year old spent about an hour looking at your pics and kept thinking he "had" it and then they would come out looking like weird shapes! Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great blogging. I love reading it!

  7. I love all the different colors in this one. Fabulous job!

  8. I bet I have a 100 extra balls in my attic. Seriously. How sad is that?

  9. I linked up. (Yes, my blog is called Cooking at Café D - but I do include craft projects here and there.)

    Love the multi-colored ornaments you used! I did a straight red like Pier One did. I'm pretty happy...but I think there are more to come! ;)

  10. I'm grabbing $10 and heading to the dollar store! That wreath is beautiful!

  11. I didn't have enough ornaments to make one on a hanger and I only had a vine wreath shape. I didn't like it on the vine wreath so then I tucked some greenery into the vine wreath and glued on the ornaments.
    This is a movement. LOL

  12. I have never seen such cute and colorful ornaments! FOR REAL!! They look like they came from the set of a Dr. Seuss movie! Looooove it!

  13. I have to make one of those ornament wreaths- SO CUTE!!!

  14. Yep, totally love this. You made it look much easier than some of the posts I have seen about it. And I love that you used all different colors and patterns. I could bend the hanger...want to do the rest for me? ;)

  15. Love this! So easy and great results. Love the colors you put together. This could be a great gift idea too!

  16. I too have made one of these lovely things! Just no pics to link up. Yours is very cool ~ I went traditional: red, green and gold. Maybe next time I'll come out of my box.


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