Make Your Own Window Clings Tutorial

My kids love all of those craft kits you can pick up at Michael's or Target. I love them too, until it's time to pay for them, those puppies can be expensive! One such favorite activity is making window clings.

I figured out a DIY version and wanted to share. We worked on these pre-Disney, so I think you can figure out the theme we chose.


White glue
Ziploc baggies
Food coloring
Coloring book pages
Plastic slide-in page protectors


Fill the corner of your baggie with glue and add a few drops of food coloring.

Seal the baggie and begin to squish the glue and food coloring together to mix. The kids especially like this part! (Don't worry if the color is a bit pastel, the glue dries clear so the color will be more brilliant once dry.)

Here are our mixed colors:

Choose a coloring book page with a simple design (or use a design you draw yourself) and slide the page into the plastic page protector.

Snip the very corner of the baggie with your scissors.

I like to begin with a black outline first...(BUT I'm not a squirmy 7 year old who needs immediate gratification in the crafty projects. If you choose to move ahead before it's dry, the world won't come to an end.)

Now cut the corners from your other colors and fill in the spaces by squeezing the glue into the black outline. This doesn't have to be perfect! Swirl it! Drip it!

Allow your cling to dry overnight. Once dry, peel the glue design off the plastic page protector and place it on your window! Ta da! (And I believe you might be out less than 2 bucks. Bonus!)

Come back tomorrow for your very own chance to link up a tutorial. And for your trouble, I'll have an awesome prize you can win. Sound like a good deal? Here's a preview...


  1. That is so fun! I didn't know how it would come out in the beginning, but I love it!

  2. How cool are these! You think of everything!

  3. THAT is AWESOME! My boys would love it! (Going to have to stop at the dollar tree and get transparencies and lots of glue!

  4. My boys would have loved this when they were little.....heck who am I kidding...they would still think this was cool ;-)

  5. What a neat idea! My kids will love this idea:)

  6. My kids will love doing this! Thanks for the idea, Theresa

  7. Those are so great...can't wait to try them!

  8. How fun! Thanks for the neat idea and instructions!

  9. What a fabulous idea!!!
    Thank you!!

  10. FUN! I don't even have kids and I think I'll make some :) Ok...maybe I'll invite my 5-yr old sister over to help so that I don't look like such a goober.

  11. Wow - I've never seen this before, but I LOVE IT. Will totally try it with my niece the next time i see her... :)

  12. WOW! I am impressed and i am WAY EXCITED with the PREVIEW!!!!

  13. Blogger is hating on me today, so I couldn't see all of your photos, but the final product is really neat. :)

  14. This is awesome! I am so doing this with my niece this summer!

  15. Um that is friggin' awesome.

    Oh right, excuse my language there.

    But serious. AWESOME. My youngest is a Mickey fanatic and she'd love that.

    :) You're fabulous, doll.

  16. How cool are these! You think of everything!
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  17. when i was younger my babysitter made this and i always wanted to make them ^^


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