Brent's Blog Photo Improvement Contest

In an series of Building a Better Blog posts, the founder of our beloved "Mclinky" or "Linky Tools", Brent Riggs will teach us all how to reach the holy grail of blogging: MORE TRAFFIC, NEW READERS!

In his first installment, the importance of great photos is one of the first topics on his list. To illustrate his point, Brent has provided a so-so photo for us to improve. Here is my stab at it:

To enter his contest or to learn a thing or two about increasing views and new readers, check out Building a Better Blog for yourself!



  1. I love your improvement! :)

    Thanks for sharing this! I entered as well. I gave a shout out to ya as a thank you! Here's the link if you're interested:
    Looking Glass Jewels Photo Improvement Contest

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Jennifer... I appreciate you shouting out for Linky Tools!

  3. Your photo looks great! I am working on learning how to improve my photos too!
    You can check mine out here:

  4. I love how this turned out. So clear and focused :)

    ps Mine is on my 365 blog :)


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