It's 2 O'clock - Let's Shop!

Okay, hold up everyone! I'm freaking out because I've finally made a connection with a seller to include an item I'm crazy about on Open Sky. I made the call, I waited patiently, and I've got it!

Let's talk...

On my recent beach vacation, we walked into a beautiful home full of great books and lots of fun games. One of the games looked so interesting, like a antique box, it looked like it had fallen off a pirate ship! We learned that the game was called "Shut the Box" and began to learn to play.

Fast forward one day and everyone in the house (ranging from 7 - 43 years old) is hopelessly hooked. We play it "just for 5 minutes, pleeeeease?" before we go to the beach, after we come home from the beach, before we leave for dinner, during lunch. Late nights, after the kids go to bed the adults sneak it out to play for dollar bills with some drinks. We. Love. It.

Fast forward 2 more days and the doorbell rings. Two little girls are outside and they tell a story about renting this house last week and leaving their game upstairs, "Could we go up and get it?" I swear the whole house held their breath as they watched these sweet little girls walk straight up to our new obsession and pluck it up.

Should we wrestle them to the ground? Wait, look out the window to see how big the dad is! We can take them! No, we just smile and watch our game drive away...sigh...

Fast forward 1 day, my 7 year old munchkin heaves a big sigh and says "I miss our game..." He gets many mumbles of agreement from adults and children alike, and for kicks we get online to try to find it.

Guess what?!? We found it! Guess what?!? It's affordable! Guess what?!? I ordered 4 of them right on the spot! One for home, one for our ski place, one for the folks we vacationed with and one for the friend who watered my garden. Bonus.

Introducing "Shut the Box", our new favorite game:

Check out the lid (which I learned is rare as this game is usually sold as an open board and the dice get lost.)

Check out the felt lining, the antiqued dice and numbers, the little faux suede bag!

If you are looking for a game that is fun for all ages, you will love this game. I can honestly say, we have played this game every single day for the last month. Try it, you'll like it! I promise.


  1. we are always looking for fun games that the whole family can play!! i added this to my "wish list" @ amazon.com!! thanks!

  2. I LOVE the box it comes in! We play one similar called Countdown. It's played the same way but you use math to flip your tiles. You can see it here: http://www.amazon.com/4-Way-Countdown-Wooden-Game/dp/B000229N2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1283888980&sr=1-1

    You might just enjoy this one too!

  3. I love the way it looks. I will definitely check it out. Our family has a large collection of games and I would love to add a new one. TFS


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