Trick or Treat! Mummy Treats!

I still remember trick or treating as a child. The word would pass throughout the town quickly as to which house was giving out full-sized candy bars or quarters. We would all rush to that house before they ran out!

When I had kids, I decided I wanted to be that house. Since I live on a hill and get under 30 trick or treat-ers per year, I can afford to do that.

While blog hopping to some of my blogging "peeps" this week, I came across a great idea to jazz up my candy. Thanks Haley!

Let's begin with:

Hershey's Bars
White fabric you've ripped into strips
Googly eyes
And a hot glue gun

Hot glue your strips of fabric to the top of the candy bar wrapper, wrap the fabric around the bar haphazardly, then hot glue again at the end::

Almost a mummy!

Attach some googly eyes:

Repeat 25+ times! Look at the band of Mummies!

Way cuter than that boring bucket of candy!




  1. This is such a cute idea! I remember loving the house that had a few full-size bars for the early kids every year. :-)

  2. Those are so cute. I'm going to make some of them for my neighbors. Thanks for letting me copy.

  3. Those are sto stinkin cute! Too bad I get a million kids in my neighborhood. Good for the kiddos but not so much my budget for buying full size candy bars!

  4. These are adorable, we get a lot of kids so I couldn't hand them out to everyone, but I bet my kids would love them!!

  5. Oh, Lil D would LOVE to come to your house...that boy loves a hershey bar:) Those are super cute!

  6. Your mummies are adorable. I'm hosting a pumpkin carving party this weekend and these would be perfect as a party favor.

  7. so cool!! the crafter in me wouldn't want to open it...the stressed out mom in me wouldn't even blink an eye before i was down to the chocolate!! lol

  8. What a cute idea! So many ideas...so little time to do them.

  9. Super duper cute!! Unfortunately I get about a 100 little trick or treaters....maybe I'll do it for Cubby's party at school...Oh WAIT! I CAN'T!! Only healthy things allowed...not one piece of candy! P.S.....the only people that gave out full size bars in our neighborhood just moved last year:(

  10. Wow, that makes a Hershey bar look much more exciting for trick or treat night! Very clever!!

  11. That is so cute!!

  12. So creative!!

    Now can I have one??

    Janet xox


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