Stuff I Learned!

You all know I have a "thing" about sticks (um, twigs). This Magical Mantle Decor
made my heart pitter pat!

Is it weird to call soap beautiful? What if it's Snowflake Soap?

Brassy Apple does it again with this Burry Furry Vest

Oh my word, do I love this Fabric Gift Bow...

Think Refinishing Your Own Hardwood Floor is impossible? Think again!

Did you know you could make Thin Mints from Ritz Crackers?

Soul Sister Contributions: Cup of Tea Ornament and Holiday Card Placemats

CLICK PICKS (most clicked links this week):

#1 Wendy listened to my advice and her thought provokingly titled project Pasties won!

#2 Make a small shirt bigger

#3 Snowflake Pretzels

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