My Fave Tutorials!

You guys were on a roll this week with so many great ideas that anything I had prepared would pale in comparison! We have some major construction going on at my house:

So, I have home improvement on the brain.

It also means I have very little time for my own tutorials with this one giant project sucking up all my time!

So, allow me to present...YOU!

Sharpie Marker + Drapes?

Amazing "Ironwork" Wall Art

Chandelier Makeover

Fake Wainscoting

Revamp your old couch!

Revamp your old light switch!

Revamp your old daybed!

Come on back tomorrow to link up your own Tutorials for Tutorial Tuesday!



  1. You're finishing your basement?????

    I want to do that so badly!!

    Janet xox

  2. You sweet thing -- Thank you for including me among these fab posts. I'm honored!

  3. I'm digging the basement renovation. My vote is for a 100" projection screen down there. Run that by your husband, as I'm sure he'll agree...

  4. Oh, I remember the days..... and I don't miss them :) Have fun with the designing and decorating!

  5. Ah! Thanks so very much for featuring my chandelier!! I appreciate it very much. :) Good luck with your home projects!


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