Why don't you,.. Reduce Clutter!

It's Why Don't You Wednesday and it's time to reduce some clutter! Let's play a game...

It's the New Year, we've just added lots more "stuff" to our homes since Christmas and it's getting a little tight in here!

Grab one of those boxes you have stacked up in the garage and set a timer for 30 minutes. Quickly move from room to room collecting things you no longer need/use/like and try to fill the box with donations for Goodwill before the timer goes off!

Then, our friend, The Treat Girl will swirl in there and buy all your cast offs and turn them into something amazing like this:

Ready, Set, GO!

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  1. I am a big believer in donating to my Goodwill and Salvation Macy's. I am getting ready to post about a Salvation Macy's sweater redo..should be up in a few hours.
    Treat Girl hit the 'mother load' at her Goodwill that day..I'm envious. And WoW...what a set of legs on her!

    Janet xox

  2. doesn't it feel divine to GET RID OF THE STUFF?? The other thing I try to think about is the giddy feeling I get when I uncover a treasure at Goodwill - by giving away the stuff I don't use anymore - I can give that giddy feeling to someone else who will treasure the item!

    More clearning in progress at the NC! Have a great day!

  3. Man- Do I have some stuff for The Treat Girl! Should I drop them at Goodwill, or just on her doorstep and save her the trip??

  4. I'm a GW addict and I think I need a 12 step program. I bring bags to the back of GW then I go right through the front door and find just as many things to take back home. So bad but oh so good.

    She really has a fab GW. She looks amazing in that black and white skirt. In my next life I want her legs!


  5. Love GW!! And cleaning things out...feels so nice afterwards...

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  6. Sure would be fun to dig in each others boxes for treasures..


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