Wine Glass "Charms" for a Crowd

Are you entertaining a larger group this holiday season? Last week I had 21 ladies from the 'hood over for an ornament exchange. I planned to make Shrinky Dink Wine Charms for everyone but ran out of time...and Shrinky Dink plastic.

I had to come up with a fast solution since I only had 24 wine glasses - I couldn't afford to allow more than one glass per guest.

I looked around and found my liquid chalk marker, which is essentially a dry erase marker in white, and marked the bottom of each glass with a guest's name.

The marker wiped away clean with a dry cloth. Easy Peasy!


  1. I was just at a Christmas party and they had us write our names on our wine glasses with a black SHARPE!!!! I wasn't sure about it, but it washed off easily! Some people's names started to wear off by the time the party ended (wherever the glass was sweating).

  2. i've done this with window markers :) And do you have any idea how long shrinky dink plastic has been waiting to be turned into charms........? Maybe a new years resolution! Ha!

  3. They are so elegant! I'm not a drinker but if this are the glass that will be use, I won't hesitate to drink.

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