Here We Go Steelers!!!

We replaced a Green Bay flag in our neighborhood with a Steelers flag this week! We left a ransom note, so I sure hope we win!


  1. Oh my gosh that's hilarious! You seriously have the Best neighborhood! Have fun with your game today, I'm simply in it for the commercials (since our team StUNK!).

  2. Ha! I LOVE it! Since I don't care about either team...I probably won't even watch. But good luck to you!

  3. Win or lose, that was the right thing to do. Go Steelers!!!

  4. Hope your team wins...enjoy the Super Bowl fun!!

    Janet xox

  5. I think I am more impressed with the fact there is a blue sky in the background and barely any snow!!! If I look out my window right now we have about 15 inches on the ground and 3 foot piles of the dumb stuff everywhere!! Very jealous and sick of winter! Sorry, back to football now! :)


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