Paper Roses - Special Touches for Guests

I love to see the ways different people make guests feel welcome in their homes. This Easter I visited my brother and sister-in-law and, maybe it's because I'm a blogger, but I was fascinated by their guest bathroom!

The toilet paper was twisted into a rose:

Of course, I had to take it apart and figure out how this was done. This is what I figured out...twist the loose end of the roll four times around your first two fingers. Next, push the next bit of paper closest to the roll up through the center from behind. Ta da!

The tissue was also fashioned into a bow with two tissues, one for the bow and an extra one was folded lengthwise and wrapped around the center to resemble the knot:

Disposable, monogrammed towels were set on the sink and the bowl was filled with marbles:

I got busted while photographing the toilet paper, so we posed for a picture!

Little touches like this made me feel welcomed and special. Try it next time you have guests!

To thank them for their hospitality, we promptly broke their screen door:


  1. Oh my gosh I would love to be so darn cute and fashion my toilet paper and kleenex into prettiness!!!
    AHHHHH!!! My guests are lucky if they have an extra roll handy if they run out ~


  2. Bahaha!!! It could be worse - one of my girlfriends boys "couldn't find the toilet" so he peed in their waste basket but didn't tell her until after they left. She could have died!!! BTW the waste basket was NEXT to the toilet LOL!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Oh oh! but the toilet roll looks fab, so pretty, such a shame to use it!

    Hope you had a smashing time there! he he

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Hmm... and I was going to invite you over ;)

    I think I'll try the toilet paper rose and see how crazy my family thinks I actually am!

  5. Hey its not a "party" unless something gets broken! I love the marbles in the sink! It's all in the details!

  6. I love that toilet paper rose! My brothers would totally harrass me if they came over and saw that....but my sisters in law would appreciate it!

  7. OMGosh...I'm cracking up over the screen door thing...too funny.

    I have a question...do you normally take a camera into the bathroom with you????

    Just asking

    Janet xox

  8. lolol poor screen door. That's awesome to feel welcomed with all these little touches around the home... lolol I can imagine myself doing the same thing taking apart the toilet paper to figure it out =D

  9. Too funny! I think my husband would believe I have gone completely around the bend if I do that to the toilet paper.

  10. I really is all in the details...so cute!
    And, I have been known to walk right into a screen door from time to time...it happens :)

  11. That's so fun!! :) I've seen folded into a triangle, but not a rose!


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