Photo Collage Wall art

A few weeks ago, Kimba shared a blogger who created an amazing Photo Wall in her home. I loved it, I wanted it, I obsessed over it! Could I, regular mommy with a Nikon Coolpix camera, create a wall with amazing photos that could remotely compare to that of this amazing photographer?

I spent a lot of time choosing the best photos from my collection. They had to meet the following criteria...

They couldn't have been cropped or overly zoomed - I was looking for nice, close photos that would be super crisp when blown up.

They had to be interesting.

They had to really show the personality of each of us, not just "pretty pictures".

They had to spark a memory of a fun time or place.

I chose my 9 photos and then loaded them to Picnik where I cropped them square (1980 x 1980).

Next, I used the editing capabilities to brighten colors and adjust contrast. Some photos I made black and white and others I boosted the color using the "cross-process" effect to create a more interesting look. Just experiment!

Finally, I created the black "frame" around each photo using the "vignette" button. I was careful to choose a size and strength number I liked to create the effect I was looking for, and wrote down the number so I wouldn't forget. I used a value of 50 for "size" and 70 for "strength":

Make sure to use these values for each photo so they look uniform when hung together.

I knew I didn't have room in my home (or good enough photos) for the HUGE (stunning) 20x20 inch photos from the inspiration project, but I did have room (and money) for a collection of 10x10 inch photos. I taped off a square 34x34 inches just to be sure. I laid out my photos to arrange them:

Then, I hung my frames, with stick-on hangers, 2 inches apart using a crazy yardstick and level system to make sure everything was level and even.

Here are the products I used:

Command Damage-Free Hanging Strips

Winkflash 10x10 inch photo prints ($3.39 apiece)

Quadro 10x10 inch clip frames ($24 for a box of 6)

I love it! I stare at it while eating my lunch. I stop to stare at it when I walk by. I make my friends and neighbors come in and stare at it with me!

Thanks for the inspiration Tara and Kimba!


  1. this is the BEST...simply STUNNING! Now I'm obsessing over YOURS! thanks a lot...another thing added to be insanely huge to do list...

    seriously gorgeous...

  2. I saw the inspiration pic too and LOVED it instantly and added it to my Pinterest :) I keep thinking about where, when and what pics I'm going to use. Yours turned out gorgeous Jen!

  3. Did you print the photos yourself or did you have them printed somewhere? If so, where? And what type of frames did you use?

  4. I love the pictures you chose. It turned out so great. I would come and stare at it too, if I lived closer.

  5. Hey Jenn,
    Don't you just LOVE Picnik?? My guys bought me Photoshop elements, but it is just way too complicated. I use Picnik for all my editing needs...so easy!

    Love your photo gallery...well done.

    janet xox

    See you on Tuesday

  6. Thanks for the links! I can't wait to do this with my family. I already have plans for "the gallery"!

  7. it looks spectacular, the ensemble of the pictures mix between b/w and color is even better! <3 it!

  8. Great and easy project! Must bookmark for future reference!

  9. I love it for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the step by step instructions too :)

  10. i love it! another thing to add to things i want to make!
    thanks for sharing! a blessed Easter season!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  11. Jen, that wall really looks amazing! I love it!! You take some great pictures by the way - they look professional!

  12. I love this! It looks beautiful! I too was inspired by Tara's wall and did the same thing in my kids' playroom a while back:


  13. Wow what a great blog! This is my first time here and your newest follower! :)

  14. That really is stunning. I can't wait to do it myself! I have a large wall just begging for something like this. Right in my living room - first thing seen when you walk in the front door. This is so happening! Thank you for sharing!


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