Easy Sundae Party

We planned to have a sundae party for the kids to celebrate the last day of school last week. 15 kids waiting for one ice cream scooper doesn't make for a fun party!

Here is a quick and easy tip to help with your next sundae party:

1. Line a cookie sheet with plastic wrap.

2. Scoop your ice cream ahead of time and line up the scoops on the cookie sheet.

3. Wrap well and pop into the freezer overnight.

4. When it's time for the party, line up your bowls and quickly pop an ice cream ball into each.

5. Let the kids go crazy with toppings!


  1. What a great idea!

    When my guys were young, we moms would have an ice cream party for ourselves on the first day of school.

    Of course we liked Kahlua on our ice cream ;->

    janet xox

  2. this is a good idea also for not-so-much-kids... dinner parties & co. i never thought of that!

  3. I've always wanted to try that!

  4. I LOVE this idea! This is great for ANY get together to keep you from spending too much time in the kitchen instead of with guests!

  5. You are totally brilliant when it comes to mom stuff. One of these days when I have kids, I can see my self frantically visiting your blog on a daily basis. ;-)

  6. Great idea! Just be careful with that ice cream scoop! :)


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