Not Guilty? Feedback Friday

The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial:

Aggravated Child Abuse: Not Guilty
Aggravated Manslaughter: Not Guilty
False Information To Law Enforcement: Guilty



  1. I think it's so sad that we have trials like this and I think it's equally as sad that most of America doesn't take in to consideration that the jury did what it was instructed to do.

    If we, as a jury, were to decide someone's guilt by their character the jails would be much more crowded (and I would convict a few people myself :-)

  2. It's so difficult...I mean there really wasn't enough hard evidence to convict her, even thought I 100% believe she did it and I am appalled that she got off with nothing but a slap on the wrist. She should AT LEAST get some kind of sentencing for not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days.

    I really am disgusted by the whole thing, but I feel so divided about it. I would hate for someone innocent to get put to death, which COULD be the case with the lack of evidence. But at the same time, I think she did, and I want her to burn for what she did.

    My only consolation is that she will get what she deserves in the next life. If she really is innocent, then she has nothing to worry about. If she did, she can't hide from the Lord.

  3. Ya'll know that I too was hell-bent on Casey being found guilty but after hearing the defense teams closing argument, they FINALLY made some sense. That and along with the Judges outline, there was no other verdict but Not Guilty.
    I truely feel bad for the jury. I feel they reallllly wanted to charge her with something but their hands were tied by our Justice system. Which is a GREAT one.
    I'm finding solice in knowing that whoever did this will receive their sentence in due time.

    Any news on wheither or not they will be charging Cindy with Purgery?

  4. Living in the Orlando area, I have followed this case closely for the last three years. She is guilty, and there was enough evidence to find her guilty. This jury COULD have found her guilty - it was the right thing to do. NO ONE ELSE had evidence of Caylee's dead body in their car. The anger in this community is justified.

    Tv reported this morning that Cindy asked for a meeting with Casey today, and she refused. She hasn't spoken with her family in three years.

    She not only got away with murder, but she threw her whole family under the bus. She had been lying about her job, whereabouts, etc ever since the baby was born and her family was pulling their hair out because of it.

    I hope no one will buy her book, or watch her movie.

    Here's a link to what happened yesterday at the site where Caylee was dumped. It's no coincidence that lightning struck the spot. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-casey-anthony-tree-lightning-20110707,0,4949678.story

  5. Not Guilty does not mean innocent.

  6. Stunned! I think the Prosecutor should have pursued other charges too. The more counts you're facing the better the chances are of conviction!

  7. Gail, thanks so much for that great article. Gave me goosebumpies.

    Awww,little psycho-brat is mad at her dysfunctional mommy and daddy. Wah-wah-wah, lol.

    I sure hope Lee is okay and he can get on with his honest life. So far I haven't heard of the media hounding him...yet.

  8. Anyone who does not report their child missing for a month is guilty.

  9. It made me sick to hear the not guilty verdicts. Plain and simple, the jury was full of idiots.

  10. Our justice system in the United States leaves much to be desired.



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