(Pretty) Spare Toilet Paper Holder

I saw a pretty Toilet Paper Holder in Pinterest and decided it was something I needed! I mean, how ugly is a plain roll of toilet paper, people?!

I started with a piece of fabric measuring 22x10 inches and sewed a sleeve, right sides together long-ways, leaving one short end un-sewn (I forgot to take a photo).

Next, I turned the sleeve right side out and pressed, then sewed the opening closed.

This gives you a sleeve measuring 21x5 inches, as shown here. I top stitched to make it pretty, then added 10 inch ribbons to each corner (be sure to burn the edges so they don't unravel!) and threaded beads onto the end.

Tie the ribbons from each end together to form a loop for the paper roll to sit in.

Then tie the ribbons onto the side bars of your toilet paper holder.

Hope on over to Savvy Southern Style to check out some other great ideas!


  1. Hey Jen,

    I love this!! However the age old question of..

    Will the men in the house replace the roll they remove from my pretty hanging holder????

    I'm making on of these today!

    janet xox

  2. Very cute! Love that you can have it match any color scheme and it's not a cookie cutter that everyone else has! :)

  3. This is very cute. If we used toilet paper holders I'm sure I would want one. Unfortunately we are a "toilet paper on the counter" family.

  4. OH SERIOUSLY this is SO cute!! What a great practical and fun idea!

  5. That's cute! In the late 80's/early 90's we had one of those toilet roll dollies that sat on the cistern, concealing the spare under her skirt! Your holder is a million times prettier and classier!

  6. That's darling. If we ever finish our half bath, I will need some sort of solution for the rolls...there is no storage in there.

  7. Just saw your post of Savvy Southern Style. What a cute idea!! I am a newbie to blogging and your newest follower. I hope you will follow back! Be blessed!


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