Time to Make the Donuts...

My youngest son is a HUGE fan of doughnuts. He talks about doughnuts, he writes homework papers about doughnuts, he dressed up as a Krispy Skreme Doughnut Zombie for Halloween.

Imagine how upset he was when all our area Krispy Kreme shops closed (he really hates Dunkin'). He was in doughnut mourning. I think he wore black for a week.

Enter How Does She... with a great semi-homemade doughnut recipe that was said to resemble our beloved K.K.! Well, we got right to work and I now have a happy boy!

Gather up your ingredients for:


1 can of Grands Homestyle Biscuits
Crisco or oil to cover bottom of pan 1/2 inch deep


Heat oil on med/hi heat for 8-10 minutes.

Separate biscuits and cut holes using a cookie cutter or any other round object on hand (Gatorade lid?). I like to wait until my oil is hot before beginning this. I want my dough to be nice and cold when it hits the oil.

Carefully set dough into hot oil and cook for 20-30 sec. per side. Use a fork to flip. Mine got a little "floaty" when they were ready to flip.

Remove and cool on a rack.

When you can comfortably touch them, dip doughnuts in glaze (I like to totally cover the whole doughnut.)

Or chocolate ganache (1 cup milk chocolate chips + 2/3 cup heavy whipping cream. Microwave in 30 sec. increments. Stir til smooth.) You can then dip in sprinkles if you don't live in an anti-sprinkle home like I do.

They passed the taste test. Here is the verdict, straight from the doughnut connoisseur himself:

"Pretty good! They aren't as good as Krispy Kreme, but they are better than Dunkin'! Can we make them again tomorrow??"

We tried them later when they cooled and they were still pretty good and moist! These are a great option for a special occasion breakfast around here.


  1. Homemade? You are a rockstar mom. I can see this as a birthday breakfast in the future of one of my donut-lovin kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. we do this when i am too lazy to make them from scratch. if you leave them whole you can fill them with jelley...MMM! they are great! the only thing we do different is use lard instead when frying. i think they make the doughnuts even less greasy.

  3. I once made a can of these and ate them all by myself...I kid you not!

    Janet xox

  4. I always see donut recipes around but never bother saving them because I know am way too lazy to make them. These look so easy that I can see myself making them (we always have biscuits around!).

  5. Love that photo of the giant doughnut

  6. "GET IN MY BELLY" says I.

    Love the costume! Other than being skinny, he looks just like the Dunk'n guy from the commercial. (don't tell him I said that:)

  7. Lord help me! These have to be the most unhealthy, wonderfully delicious, artery-clogging, to-die-for things I've seen in a long time! Tell your son to enjoy them while he's young . . . LOL!

  8. My kids would love those. They sound super yummy. I will have to try these.

  9. YUM! I do love homemade doughnuts!

  10. WHAT? Your Krispy Kremes closed? That's terrible. A few years ago I ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge at NC State where you run 2 miles, eat 12 doughnuts, and then run 2 more miles...it cured my of craving the glazed ones forever.

  11. These were so easy! I'll just have to play with it... They browned *really* fast and I was concerned about them burning on the outside and not cooking thoroughly inside. The donut holes cooked through fine, but the donuts were still a hair gooey. I liked them but my daughter didn't. :) If I had let them go longer, though, they would've burned. Still a success! :)


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