Track Your Kid?

I was reading an article the other day about Day Cares in Sweden that use GPS tracking devices on their students while they are out for walks or field trips. The practice has caused some controversy among parents and some praise from others.

The author of the article, Jeremy Greenburg, wished this practice would come to the U.S. and dreams of the day when he can implant a GPS into his own child and know instantly where he or she is at all times...maybe even a GPS that reads vital signs.

It's Feedback Friday...

Would you opt for a GPS implant in your child?


  1. Ok, I don't have kids so I might not be completely qualified to chime in here. I get the concept, but my concern would be if I can track my kid, who else has access to track them too? Also, it seems like so many parents have checked out of their kids' lives as it is -would this just further encourage that? Technology is great but I think there are areas in our lives we need to keep it out of and implanting a GPS device is just taking it a little far for me.

  2. Agree 100% with Krista! I can understand wanting to protect your child, but what about when they turn 18? Plus, if a kidnapper really wanted to couldn't they just cut the thing out of your kid anyway? Kids are humans, not a dog or cat...no, I think I'll pass on microchipping my kid!

  3. the iPhone has it built in. i have three step-kids, and they are all driving now... and partying. it's all about balance. sometimes you trust them, sometimes you double check on them :)

  4. I wouldn't want to "implant" one, but I think it is a different concept to put something in a little kids pocket or maybe have them wear a bracelet when you go out to a fair or other crowded area. I've always had the fear of my child getting lost or snatched and this would definitely help me feel more comfortable.

  5. I wouldnt implant it but maybe a bracelet or something like Jennifer said. I have a teenage daughter and when her and her boyfriend leave my house I would love to know where they are at.

  6. Being a mom of three grown kids that drove me crazy with their tendency to wander, I totally understand the desire for this concept(this is why all three of my kids had pagers, then cell phones) but I have to agree with some of the others. #1-It's fair to easy for "hackers" to also know where my kid is. #2- What happens when they turn 18? Take it out? Leave it? #3 I may be paranoid here & bordering on sci-fi fantasy but this just opens up a huge can of worms down the line for this to jump from child to adult tracking by everyone/government...

    I'll microchip my pet but my kid, no thank you...

  7. Be a good parent and not their best friend. And you won't need the GPS. Just give them a trackable phone - worst case scenario. Implanting it into them is beyond ridiculous in my opinion.


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