The Treat Girl and I learned to crochet over coffee and pumpkin bread yesterday. Let's just say that I was not a natural at this. I have never felt so awkward and dumb! The Big Guy thinks crocheting is for old ladies, but I think the yarn can make all the difference. Just check out all the cool projects I've pinned to my Crochet Board.

I completed a few wonky granny squares and Treat Girl made some lovely lacy squares in about half the time it took me.

Thanks to my new friend Sondie for her extreme patience! Here we are pretending that her granny square is mine!

Now check this out! My boys went to wrestling practice one night:

And were crocheting the next morning!

I can't make this stuff up, people!

Here is an awesome granny that can teach you how crochet since Sondie can't visit all of you:



  1. I really should learn ~ the stuff you've pinned is gorgeous! Do you knit at all? I know treat girl does, just wondering if that makes it any easier? Not that I knit ~ I've only made a few wonky scarves :) Love that your boys got into it too! What did big guy think of that one?

  2. this is somethins I've been wanting to learn for as long as I can remember. Both my grandmas are great at it, and have left me with amazing projects for home decor that I always admire. I have begged my grandma to teach me, but either she doesn't think I am capable to do it, or it is a time thing. I will gather the tools and try the online tutorials! Maybe I can self-teach. Since the new year is coming - faster than expected - maybe this could be a resolution for 2012!

  3. Hey Jenn,

    I have the most beautiful crocheted bedspread the my grandfather, a former lifetime Marine, crocheted for my grandmother.

    I have been crocheting for most of my 57 years and you are so correct, the yarn makes ALL the difference.

    There are soooo many fabulous designer yarns available. Practice on the inexpensive yarn...then splurge and treat yourself to a luxurious alpaca or merino wool...divine!

    janet xox

    Happy crocheting!

  4. Another one down! I've been crocheting off and on for the past 30yrsish. I still don't have the skills that my grandmother has or the patience. I have managed to finish to full size blankets using only the DC stitch (double crochet). I've made hats and flowers and a bag. The blankets were my most ambitious crocheting project ever. I also like to cheat with knitting on somethings by using the knifty knitter looms. I made hats and legwarmers from the looms.

  5. Crocheting is awesome! I have been crocheting now for about 6 years or so ... I married into a family of crocheters and they taught me! It is a very relaxing hobby and you can make some beautiful things. Keep working at it, you will love it :)

  6. I learned how to crochet at age 9 and re-learned a few years ago. I hold my hook completely wrong, but I can't adjust that now. Take your time and practice a lot. You'll get it!

  7. So I crochet! My Grandmother taught me when I was super young. I have since made afghans, baby blankets, hats, slippers (booties) and scarves! It is so much fun and today I just spend 3 hours teaching some ladies from my church how to make hats with cute little flowers. I'm 31 and I totally don't think that crocheting is only for grannies!! :)

  8. nice, crochet..haven't picked up that hobby yet lol..

    have a great evening

  9. I just learned to crochet too! I'm much more of a natural than I was with knitting. I did learn how to knit and I got to where I could do it quickly, but it was never really comfortable for me. With crochet, I can curl up on the couch and work for hours. I love it! Now, I'm off to check your crochet pins...


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