Phone/iPod Charging Pocket

I made this doorknob pocket a few years ago to help me remember keys and other things I would need when dashing out the door. I spent about 50 cents to make it - two 25 cent pieces of felt and left-over interfacing. Whoo, cheap organization! Yahoo! It was cool, but now I see that it can have another life as a phone or iPod charging pocket! Check it out:

So, use this tutorial to organize your keys or to prevent your phone from falling off the counter while charging.

Let's get to work.


2 Sheets of felt
Interfacing (medium weight)
Measuring tape

Sewing machine

I used two different colors of felt to jazz it up. I cut the first piece to measure 11 x 7.5 inches, the second piece of felt 1/4 inch smaller all around and the interfacing another 1/4 inch smaller all around. This way the colors of felt accent each other and the interfacing stays tucked inside and out of sight.

These sizes can be adjusted to fit your own needs.
Layer your felt, sandwiching the interfacing, like this:

Sew around the edges. (**if you're not hot on sewing, just buy fusible interfacing and skip this part. Just pull out your iron and go)

Since I have small, lever-style door handles rather than a knob, I used the spool of thread as a guide for my hole.
I like it a little "wonky" so I chose a contrasting thread and went over the seams several times.
Now, fold up the bottom about 3 1/2 inches to form a pocket and sew. (**If you are anti-sewing machine and used the fusible interfacing, you can whip stitch the sides with a needle and thread.)

Hot glue a few buttons left over from your ribbon flowers onto the edge to jazz it up and you're done.

You're going to look so smart walking around town with your wallet/cell phone/sunglasses/car keys!


  1. I really like this! I usually have my phone stretched from the wall to my bedside table (no idea who thought up our outlet placement!) so that it doesn't sit on the floor.

  2. This is brilliant (and adorable)!


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