Edible Candy Plate - Pinterest Pass or Fail

I pinned this idea for making a Plate or Tray from Peppermint Candies (originating at Tutta Bella) this week and thought I should try it for my party tonight.

The directions were simple enough:

1. Arrange peppermints on a piece of parchment or waxed paper (I used a silicon pad)

2. Bake 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

3. Let cool, peel from the paper, and use as a serving tray or plate.

The baking took me more like 10-12 minutes and the mints almost look like they are not melted together when you take them out, they just get square. (**My first try I waited until the mints actually looked melted and they had totally lost their shape and the square became all blobby and was super thin and fragile.) Also, make sure you set your mints in from the edge of the paper at least an inch, because it will grow and roll over the edge.

I would say "Meh". It's okay, but not as cute as I expected. It definitely worked as described but I probably won't pull it out at my party. The kids? They loved it!

So, I'm going to give this Pin a PASS.

Paulette tried a Cinnamon Glazed Pretzel Pin and turned it from a fail to a pass!

What pins have you tried lately?


  1. I pinned that too! Actually, I think I repinned it from you...anyway, thanks for trying it out!

  2. I made marbled ornaments --- see my blog post::

  3. This is cute! It would make a neat cookies for santa plate.

  4. I saw that one but I kept thinking it'd get all gross and sticky.

  5. I saw this and am glad that you tried it. I doubt that I'll do it but it sure looks cute!

  6. I pinned this too and wondered how it would turn out. Thanks for trying it :)

  7. Hmm.. I hadn't pinned that one. Don't think I will though ;)

    Just wrote a pin post yesterday :~http://ordinarymiraclesoflife.blogspot.com/2011/12/ive-been-pinning.html

    Merry Christmas Jen!

  8. I wondered about this----was it grody feeling? It's too flat for my taste< I wondered how it would work if you put the flat piece back in the oven over a bowl to round it out ......

  9. I am about to make this and will be using green mints as well as the red ones. I will be baking some cookies and present them on the peppermint plate at work.

  10. My neighbor just brought this candy tray over with cookies on it. I got to examining the plate and "WHAT in the world, this is real pepper ments!" Now I am looking on the internet to find out how to do this. I am impressed!

  11. Just tried these heard bout them from a friend whoes sister made them ,making goodies to give away thought it be an extra cute bonus for the holidays, they run n won't stay uniform for me edges need to be all the way against the sides of what Ur baking them in or they won't work n I couldn't get the wax paper to peel off after cooling ,oh well I tried prob won't do again

    1. I used a silpat so they came right off. I'd imagine they would stick to waxed paper.

    2. Yeah, I tried it last night, with wax paper and they stuck to the paper. I guess I'll try the silicone tomorrow

  12. I wonder how this would work if you used wax paper and an Iron instead of the oven?

  13. I tried it...I loved it!!!


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