Needed: American Idol Dorks!

Dude! Wendy from Ordinary Miracles and I need your help! It's almost time for our second annual American Idol Fantasy League to begin (think Fantasy Football, only cooler) and we are looking for some of our bloggy friends to join us to form a team - don't laugh, we're cool man...We even made our own creepy league photo:

Just so you know, the Big Guy is NOT allowed to join our league for two reasons:

1. He made fun of us.

2. He made the comment that Paula Abdul was looking really hot last season. (Yes, honey, JENNIFER LOPEZ is hot) Clearly, he is out of the loop and, therefore, banned.

If you want to battle Wendy and I in our (free) fantasy league email me ( hopestudios1(at)gmail.com ) or leave a comment below and I will collect the addresses to add to the league website once it opens. Once the site is active (I think it's when voting begins) I'll send you log in info. and it's GAME ON!

In the meantime, watch tonight to see my city, the Pittsburgh auditions! I'm afraid there will be an abundance of freaks!

See you in fantasy land...


  1. WHAT a HOOT! I love the picture of you and Wendy!! Of course Chip and Cindylou were down there watching on the first big night.....I flitted in here and there, but I don't think I can commit for the whole season :(

  2. I'll do it. I totally picked last year's winner.


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