Simple Dessert Buffet

We hosted a holiday party for The Big Guy's work last month and I was in charge of providing a dessert buffet for 21 guests in the height of the Christmas season. Not easy...or is it?

I came up with a variety of small desserts, including fresh fruit and nuts, that everyone could sample that didn't take forever to prepare. These ideas would be great for any get-together, chose them all or just a few for your next party!

1. Cheesecake with Caramel and Cashews - store bought cheesecake cut into small squares topped with caramel ice cream topping and salted cashews. Serve in little cupcake papers.

2. Panna Cotta with Strawberries and Balsamic served in tiny espresso cups.

3. Fresh Cherries and Spiced Nuts served in paper cups.

4. Oreo Truffle Pops Form the balls as directed then freeze.
Melt your candy melts (I used Wilton), poke a hole halfway into your truffle with stick, dip stick into melts, and place into hole to "glue" in place.
Now, dip the whole "pop" into the candy melts and place into a block of Styrofoam to set.
Store in fridge until time to serve.

5. Brie topped with Fresh Raspberries and Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce from Costco. (This sauce is so awesome! Just pour it over brie, cream cheese, put it in a crock pot with meatballs...this was a nice, less sweet dessert alternative.)

6. Fresh Raspberries Stuffed with White Chocolate Chips

I had this entire menu ready in one afternoon - and several things like the Oreo Truffle Pops and the Panna Cotta were made the day before.

I used several tips from the Project Wedding website to set up my buffet table - don't have a photo because it wasn't totally set up until right before the guests arrived.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to Teach Me Stuff for Tutorial Tuesday!


  1. Yum! They all look delicious! The caramel and salted nuts on the cheesecake squares look so decadent. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yuuuummmmmmm....and thanks for the recipes too :) I know they were a big hit!

  3. these all look so delicious and I love how easy they are!

  4. I love the idea of a dessert buffet. Everyone love sweets and it is a perfect way to offer them.


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