Displaying Found Objects

Last week my friend Joy had some of the Soul Sisters over for lunch and I noticed a little vignette in her kitchen that drew my attention...because I'm nosy like that. She had arranged several "ordinary" objects under a glass cloche with a sketch behind it.

Simple but interesting and it made me want to look and learn about the objects displayed. She explained they were things they had found in and around her 100+ year old home, an old medicine bottle, a silver serving spoon, a little glass container, a porcelain figure...

What a great way to preserve history and memories! What could you display:

Seasonal leaves?

A shell collection?



  1. awwwh.....I knew I missed something wonderful :( I do have wonderful found treasures I need to display a little better than sitting them on my kitchen windowsill....thanks for the idea!

  2. I love this idea! I am so in love with cloches...sigh..

    Janet xox

  3. I have a glass bell cloche that display's a faceless Amish Doll that I purchased on a trip with my mother. I love seeing it sitting there displayed under the beautiful glass. It's a great reminder of all the memories I have of our time spent together on our yearly trip.

  4. this is a great idea. i have changing "exhibits" of my children's art work.


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