Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

I have two kids home sick from school today (didn't want to send them anyway!) but I had to share some bad cell phone pictures from the Ugly Sweater Party I attended this weekend!

The rules were simple, show up in an Ugly Christmas Sweater. You could buy it (I got mine at Walmart) or make it like my friend above.  She cut up a Christmas pillow and attached it to a sweater with lots of assorted ornaments and ugly ribbon & lace.  She won the "Craftiest" award.

 If you DON'T show up in a sweater....BEWARE!  Each guest who came dressed normally, had to wear this sign "I am too cool for an ugly sweater so they made me wear this". An antler headband completes the look.

I found battery operated lights and poked them through my sweater to light up Santa.  Just tuck the battery pack in your waistband and you're good to go.

Lot's of people embellished with ugly Christmas garland.

We're the lighted up couple and we won the "Most Mechanical" award for the night.

Here is a trio of guys all wearing women's sweaters because they just don't make stuff like this for men!

This was a pretty fun theme for a party - have you gone to an ugly sweater party this year?


Tell me what you think!

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