My Frugal (Cheap?) Tissue Trick

It's tough because the small boxes of Kleenex are oh so cute...

And the big boxes of Kleenex are so ugly - but cheaper...

So I refill the small, cute boxes I keep in the powder room for guests.  Shhhhhh!!!

Did I just cross the line from "frugal" into "cheap"?

Do you refill anything to keep the cuter container?


  1. I've done that before..can't see the harm!

  2. Perhaps more frugal AND more environmentally friendly is to stop using disposable tissues altogether. I know it is a radical notion for some people, but it shouldn't be such a big deal. Simply don't buy them one week and see where you get to. I found: cloth handkerchiefs, hand-cut cloth squares for wiping up 'stuff', terry face cloths, and the occasional toilet paper taking over the tissue paper workload. Try it. You might amaze yourself how easy it is. Tissue paper is made (almost) entirely from virgin wood, plus most of it is bleached. We really do something good for the planet with using none/less of them, I think.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing this at my Pin Me Linky Party.


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