Meal Swap!

 (layered burrito casserole)

The main purpose for our Soul Sister's get together last week was for our first Meal Swap!

I saw a story about Meal Ku, a NYC based meal co-op that helps members exchange homemade meals.  I was inspired!  I popped off an email to my girls that very morning and our first Meal Swap was born!

 (homemade meatballs and sauce with frozen cookie dough balls!)

We agreed upon a date and time and everyone arrived with meals packaged to share.

 (white chicken chili with grainy cornbread)

We had great variety and everything was ready top pop into the freezer...Easy Peasy!

 (turkey and stuffing dinner with homemade cranberry relish!)

Some girls even included sides or dessert items to complete the meal.  We had lunch together, worked on a few craft projects, then loaded up our meals and headed home relieved to know that dinner was taken care of tonight...and for a few more nights!

If you would like to organize a Meal Swap among your friends or co-workers, try some of these websites for recipe inspiration: 

Make Ahead Recipes - Food Network

40+ Make Ahead Meals - Mel's Kitchen

Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms

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