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The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern was one of those fantastical fantasies that I couldn't wait to read! I loved reading Water for Elephants and used to be hooked on an HBO series called Carnivale,so I knew I was going to love this book.  I couldn't wait to tuck into bed each night to read about the circus and dream about it all night. 

I would definitely be a red scarf wearing "rêveur" if I attended this circus!

Here are a few questions to get us started:

** What did you think of the change in narrators and shifting from past to present? Confusing?  Insightful? 

** What role does time play in the novel? From Friedrick Thiessen's clock to the delayed aging of the circus developers to the birth of the twins—is time manipulated or fated at the circus?

** How did you feel about the "competition"?

** Were you surprised about Poppet and Widget's choice of Bailey to take over the circus? Do you believe he has no special qualities other than being at the right place at the right time?

** How do you think the circus would survive over time without the competition to fuel it?

  ~Next Month, we will talk about Major Pettigrew's Last Stand!~


  1. I'll have to get that book - you have my interest up! I tried to read the Major Pettigrew book and couldn't get into it. But I just finished Life of Pi (finally) and am starting A Thousand Splendid Suns.

    1. I never read Life of Pi but I did see the movie and it was so beautiful! Could you visualize the same beauty?

      Night Circus took a lot of attention because of the shifting narrator and time line, but once I got the hang of paying attention to the header for each chapter I loved it.

  2. Spike and I listened to that book during a road trip last summer and we both enjoyed it but also agreed that sometimes the competition would lag on and on and not even really explain why what they were building was so magical except by saying how magical it was.

    I would def be a Rêveur though, obviously. :)

    Saw your comment above about never having read Life of Pi, please do so, it is amazing and so much better than the movie. The movie will seem like crap after you read the book. Heck, half the movie doesn't even exist in the book!

  3. I listened to the Night Circus, mainly because it was narrated by Jim Dale (narrator of the Harry Potter books). I thought it was good, but not good enough to listen to twice. I loved how descriptive it was, but I didn't really understand the competition, and the parts that weren't about the circus didn't really hold my attention.

  4. I loved the idea of the book. I also thought Morganstern has a real gift with language and writes beautiful descriptions. But the skipping around in time was a little tedious for me. I also didn't find the love story very romantic.


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