What Do You Look Like?

My friend, Wendy from Ordinary Miracles posted this ad from Dove entitled Real Beauty Sketches that effected me profoundly.  Take a watch:

My reaction to this ad was a lump in my throat and tears as soon as I began to hear these women describe themselves.  It caused me such sadness as I felt like I heard my own inner voice echoing the same things in my head.  This video stuck with me all day.

We are under such pressure to be perfect, to emulate what we see on tv and magazines.  We have this crazy, unrealistic expectation we are all trying to strive for with our exercising, dieting, make up, hair products...

It's Feedback Friday...

What was your reaction to this Dove advertisement?

Do you feel like you can relate to these women?

Tell me one beautiful thing about yourself.


  1. The link is not in your post.
    I saw this the other day with my Mom though. We were both fighting back tears by the end. It's amazing the difference between what we think and what really is.
    Going with the physical, I'm loving my hair and it's new cut!

  2. I have huge beautiful teeth:) We women are tough on ourselves (be grateful you have all boys) A while back I taught the 14-15 girls at church and was assigned to teach a lesson on developing positive body images -here's a bunch of great resources that I used: http://trophyw.blogspot.com/2011/09/helping-girls-develop-positive-body.html

    PS have you see the spoof where they did the same thing w/ men?

  3. Yes, I watched it and I was amazed that other women do the same thing I do - hypercriticize themselves against a standard that is NOT reality. I think I have perfect eyebrows. Random, but true. i never pluck them and they are perfectly shaped for my eyes! Now, if i could find a few more things...Oh, and be gone Fahad...

  4. I was a mess by the end of this video and it definitely stuck with me. It's not fair that women carry around this burden silently and think they are all alone.

  5. I was really hard on myself throughout my childhood and especially during my teenage years. I struggled with some of my features- brown hair, freckles, chubby inner thighs... Somewhere along the line, I stumbled across a little dose of confidence and was stunned at how differently I was treated when I simply carried myself with a bit more pride. I agree that we are our own biggest critics, and we need to cut it out and learn to love ourselves. We're all goddesses in our own right.

  6. I was on vacation last week and I just returned home and fixed the video link. Should be all set now. Sorry.

    You are all beautiful, your teeth, your eyebrows, your lovely brown hair and freckles!


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