End of Summer Shoot

Now that my kids are in school all day, I can catch up with some of the fun things we did this summer!

We planned a family trip to shoot sporting clays at The Nemacolin  Field Club a few weeks ago and had a blast! You ride from station to station back on a wooded trail in a souped up golf cart to shoot clay pigeons.  Just the golf cart alone thrilled my boys.

There is nothing like the rush of shooting a shotgun - if you actually hit your target it's even better!  Is it weird that I got a 20 gauge last year for Mother's Day?

I loved that each group went out with a guide who could teach you how to improve.  Here is our guide, Cory, helping me aim at my moving target.  He was so patient considering he had me and 3 boys on his watch.

Everyone takes a turn of 6-8 shots at each station.  In some of these shots you can see the shell ejecting or the orange "pigeon" target.

The younger boys shot about 50 rounds, my oldest shot 75, and I shot 100 rounds!  I'm still learning how to adjust my hold on the gun, so I woke up the next morning with a bruised shoulder and jaw from some kick.

You might remember that during last year's trip to shoot, we ended up coming home with another dog:

Who now looks like this:

This year, we had a lot of fun and didn't add to the dog population in my home.  A good day.

Have you ever shot a gun?

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