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While on vacation in Long Beach Island this summer, I attended the Annual Crafts and Fine Arts Festival with my brother and sister-in-law and I LOVED it!  Despite the freakin' HOT temperature and 90% humidity I would do it all again!  I almost forgot I had taken some photos of the creators of the two items I purchased that day.

Want to meet some artists and crafters? 

I met Wire-Mesh Sculptor, Peter Robinson Smith and fell in love with his art:

Peter sculpts animal and human forms from wire mesh that cast the most amazing shadows in the sunlight!  Check it out:

I saw his work from afar and was sucked in just to look at the sunlight casting these amazingly intricate shadows onto the white paper behind.  We talked and he explained the shadow is as much a part of the pieces as the sculpture.  I was immediately Ob. Sessed.

After a lot of budget considerations and looking and looking, I finally decided to buy a horse sculpted from bronze wire mesh.  I photographed him signing his work in a really stalker-ish kind of way:

I also purchased a super cool Beach Table designed and created by Mike Credle:

Mike told me the story of inventing this super functional table and even showed me his plywood prototype from 1991.  He was pretty chill on this super hot day and seemed to making one friend after another.

Check out how it fits onto your beach umbrella:

This little table quickly became one of our favorite of our "beach necessities" during our trip.  I love finding stuff like this!

Have you been to any cool crafts fairs or art shows lately?

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