Dear Green Skittles...

I see you in there looking all green and limey.  You are an imposter, a fraud, a fake.  You can't just turn all green apple on us!  We lovers of the red bag of Skittles are purists, if we wanted crazy flavors like pomegranate, or blood orange, or GREEN APPLE we would choose some of those crazier bags like purple one.

Green apple is an acquired taste, like watermelon, we want our lime back!  What have you done with him, sour apple?? Huh??

Lemon and lime are like yin and yang, you can't mess with that mojo.  Lemon and  Green Apple?  Shudder...

So, in closing, scram green apple!  I want my lime!



P.S. (Below, you will see The Big Guy with his best bud skiing in their yellow and green jackets.  On the slopes their nickname is "Lemon & Lime", not "Lemon & Green Apple".  That would be stupid. I think I've made my point.)


  1. I could not agree more. They're jacking up the whole world by changing the flavor. What are they thinking? WHAT?!?!!

  2. I hate the sour apple skittles and cant buy them until they fix it. Sweet tarts did the same thing, first adding in the yucky blue ones, and then changed the green ones to green apple and I hVe never bought one since. Why mess with a good thing?


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