Custom Tea Towels!

The Soul Sisters got together for another crafty day earlier this month and learned how to make customized tea towels following Joy's instruction.

We chose a design and printed it onto the shiny side of our freezer paper that we had cut a bit smaller than a sheet of paper.  We then taped the printer paper to freezer paper. and fed it through the printer.
(If you are using letters or words - you will need to "mirror" or reverse the image or it will print backwards).

We tried it two different ways - dry and a bit damp.  The lines were more crisp and the image was darker when we very lightly sprayed the towel with water so that is was barely damp, but it worked both ways.

We then placed the printed side down onto our surface (IKEA towels) and rubbed with the back of a spoon, like this:

We had gotten control of ourselves by the time I filmed this - the first try there was lots of screaming and hooting...

We let it sit for 24 hours before washing it and after 2 weeks of washes the image is still intact!

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  1. Very very chic! Love it and thanks for sharing. I bought a huge roll of freezer paper for just this type of thing and am now chomping at the bit to try it! I would like to transfer a couple of my mom's and grandmothers handwritten recipes to tea towels to give my daughters for Christmas...if I start soon I might just get it right by then!!


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