Easter Grass Wreath

I saw a tutorial for this wreath online and I cannot remember where! What in the world did we do to remember things before Pinterest?!?

So, thank you to the nice lady who showed me how to do this on a video where she complained about the light being to bright but she didn't want to re-record it...anyone? Anyone remember this video so I can give props to my Easter Grass Wreath girl??

***UPDATE: I just found it!!  CC Mcafee Perspective Blog! Thanks, girlfriend***

Anyway, it inspired me because I began to think about how this could be used after Easter and I thought it would be cool to set it out for the birds to use for nest supplies.  In fact, The Treat Girl told me this is exactly what happened when she tried to make this wreath  - the birds stole all the grass for nests!  I want pretty Easter grass nests around my house!



18 inch straw wreath form
5 bags of assorted Easter grass colors
Floral U pins


Remove all of the grass from the bags and mix together so you have a nice mix of colors:

Grab bunches of grass and pinch between your fingers like this:

Attach the bunch to the straw wreath with the U pin by trying to grab most of the grass in the center, push pin into wreath:

Add bunches of grass in the same way next to each other like this:

Continue to add bunches next to each other until the straw wreath is covered:

Once the straw wreath form is covered with the Easter grass, begin to shape the wreath by pulling the extra-long pieces of grass from the edges of the wreath to the back of the wreath. Pin the extra grass in the back to keep the shape of the wreath. Do the same thing in the center. I left some pieces sticking out for a more natural shape.

Tada! This cute little wreath cost me about 10 bucks!

When Easter is over, I'm going to hang this in the trees for the birds to use for nest building supplies. If I find a super-cute-easter-grass-bird-nest this spring I am sooooo taking a picture for you!

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  1. Love it! We love birds too! Maybe I should put our wreath outside...
    Mine hangs on the inside of our front door.
    Thanks for linking back to me!


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