Why You Should Wash Your Face

Why Wash Your Face?

“Because the world is gross and dirty. Your own skin is covered in a layer of dead skin cells, bacteria, pollutants, viruses and dirt. (In fact, every single day you shed about 50 million dead skin cells)   And that layer will get thicker over time unless you take drastic action and wash your face twice a day. Washing our faces not only gets rid of various antigens (tiny unwanted foreign invaders), it also provides our skin much-needed hydration. (This is why it's important to moisturize your skin shortly after bathing; the moisturizer's function is to seal moisture within the skin.)”
-The Discovery Website

Why Wash with Rodan + Fields?

“Dr. Katie Rodan is a board certified dermatologist and is recognized as an expert in the field of cosmetic dermatology by the medical community, her colleagues and the media. A researcher and practicing cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Rodan writes and speaks on a variety of skin care issues while continuing to research new ingredients, technologies, products and procedures to help her patients and the public find the best solutions to address their cosmetic concerns. Dr. Kathy Fields is an expert on skin disease and skin aging as well as disorders of the skin, hair and nails. Much of her medical and surgical dermatology practice is applied to cosmetic dermatology and helping patients minimize the the appearance of sun damage and premature aging. Dr. Fields educates doctors and consumers about many different skin conditions and treatments as well as teaching the cosmetics industry about proven dermatological solutions to skin care problems. She was recently named one of America’s Top Dermatologists.”

So Proud to have those 2 Doctors in my corner! Smart, strong women who have given their business to us to share and learn and grow for ourselves.
Bottom Line?

Everyone should be washing their face. Period. But there are so many products out there, why are we the best? We use 4 Step, multi-med therapy: BAM!

 If you wash your face with ONE bottle, two things can happen: nothing, or everything. 

If a wash does what it should, it will pull impurities out of your skin, open up the pores, and clean the dead skin, dirt, and bacteria away from your face. If it is a cheap wash, it will just push the junk around your skin instead of cleaning it off.  (Two simple facts to add; bubbles and foam=bad. They destroy the delicate lipid barrier of the skin and ruin the skins natural moisture process. If you have oily skin, it will become more oily; if you have dry skin, it will become more dry.)

SO, let’s say you have a “good” wash and you are successfully cleaning your face. Then what? Take advantage of the open pores and get those important ingredients in while you have the chance (approximately 3 minutes to be exact from the time you wash). A toner is extremely important for delivering ingredients deeper into the skin. Liquid is much less dense than a cream, BUT it also balances the ph level of your face, resolving oil or dryness and killing the bacteria that may still be stuck deep inside the pores. 

So why a step 3? Because your pores are STILL open to the environment.  A third step is required to close the pores, keep the good ingredients in, and the bad stuff OUT: pollutants, bacteria, environmental elements, etc. Without that third step you mind as well not even wash your face.
While you are washing the bad stuff away, it is nearly impossible to avoid losing some of the good stuff. Restoring the skin's natural moisture will slow down the aging process, ease sensitivity, and keep your face feeling and looking better in general. 
So what's the fourth step? Sunscreen is a MUST. No ifs, ands, or buts. Even one day in the sun unprotected can reverse a year of good skin care.  

Want proof R+F works?

HOW ABOUT.......
  • We have had more free media coverage than any other beauty company in the nation
  • We won the American Business Award, Stevie Award, that Apple and Microsoft both won in previous years
  • We are the only company to have a tool like the Macro Exfoliator
  • We have less than a 1% return rate on products
  • We were created by the Stanford trained doctors who first created the Proactiv treatment
  • We were the number one seller in Nordstrom stores in 2007
  • We are the only beauty company to have so much faith in our products that we offer a 100% guarantee or your money back within 60 days. 


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